About Us


We are ERP Cloud hosting services experts

Argus delivers Software-As-A-Service so that your mission critical applications achieve maximum uptime and your IT department can be streamlined for innovation, not maintenance. Argus is a certified Amazon Web Services Partner for hosting ERP and CRM systems globally.

Argus cloud architects have spent years on the leading edge of cloud technology, earning multiple AWS Professional Certifications for expert implementations that minimize cost, maximize investment and leverage the full potential of cloud technologies. As a leader in hosting ERP systems, we have designed our service offerings to be extremely flexible so that we can work with your business to provide the user experience you want, anywhere, anytime.

Security and performance are critical for keeping your organization’s data protected and making it accessible at optimal levels. Using advanced AWS technology, Argus is able to ensure that your data center and network architecture are built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. AICPA SOS, ISO 27001, and PCI compliance form the backbone of the security standards met by Argus’s ERP and CRM hosting services.

Argus operates, your company works!

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