Sage 100 Hosting


With Argus you can host your Sage 100 ERP solution in the cloud, giving you the freedom to run your business.

With decades of ERP experience, Argus is the clear choice as your Sage 100 managed services solution provider. Our hosting options are extremely flexible so you can choose to host only Sage 100, or you can move your entire IT needs into the cloud to be managed securely by Argus. Our pricing is clear. There are no hidden costs, and you only pay for what you subscribe to.


What sets us apart?


  • We are the ERP Hosting experts! Our certified cloud hosting engineers manage hundreds of ERP sites. We know Sage 100 software and we know how to manage its environment for peak performance

  • Argus cloud architects have spent years on the leading edge of cloud technology, earning multiple AWS Professional Certifications. Our certified experts in the Amazon Web Services cloud possess extensive knowledge and expertise to maximize the full portfolio of AWS products and services to help transform your business.

  • Our Customers range from 4 users to 240+ users.

  • We can support all types of 3rd party applications. Just ask.

  • We manage complex setups


What is included?


  • Fully Managed IT Solution. Sage 100 is 24/7 monitored and maintained for optimal performance and reliability.

  • All applications are accessed via Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD). This ensures that your environment is secure and maintenance free.

  • Sage 100 ports. (Performed at your request outside your business hours).

  • Sage 100 upgrades to new versions.

  • Nightly and hourly backups.

  • 5GB SQL database storage for each subscribed user.

  • 5GB Common (shared) Storage space for each subscribed users.

  • Microsoft Licensing.

  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook)




  • Virtual Private Cloud.  (VPC)

  • Single tenant hosting.

  • Multiple Layer Firewall, Content Inspection and Intrusion Detection.

  • Redundant Drive Protection. Your data is constantly mirrored between two physical data centers.

  • Geo-replicated backups, meaning backups are stored in the cloud in multiple locations.

  • Sage 100 and other services are monitored 24/7/365.

  • Data Center Certified ISO 27001.

  • Data Hosted in the USA.


Additional Services


  • Telephony: Local Voice, Hosted PBX and Voice over MPLS.

  • Internet connections: Business DSL, Cable Internet, Data T1, Satellite Fixed Wireless, High BW Fixed Wireless, Ethernet, Metro Fiber Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and International DIA.

  • Networks: Point to Point, Point to Point (Microwave), MPLS, Ethernet WAN, VPLS, International VPLS and International WAN.


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