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IT Hosting


Software and Application Cloud Hosting Services

Get more value from your IT resources and get a faster ROI on your ERP, CRM and other Line of Business Applications from a S+S and SaaS deployment…


Our application and software hosting provides users with high performance, high availability, and a highly secure IT infrastructure that match the capabilities of a Fortune 500 IT department. Remove the risk and variability of a premise based IT infrastructure by hosting with Argus. Our highly skilled team of IT professionals focus solely on managing your IT environment day and night. Improved Business Performance Companies are realizing that in today’s fasted paced global economy, it is not enough to simply install a packaged business application and hope that it will deliver benefit to the organization. Our primary goal at Argus is to help companies improve the effectiveness of their IT infrastructure and more importantly improve the performance of Information Worker staff members. Argus provides Executives, Information Workers (users) and IT professionals hosting and select services that allow their organizations to realize the full potential of the software they use to perform in their roles. Common reasons for migrating to hosted software often include… – Multiple locations or offices due to growth, merger or acquisition – Deploying new or updating ERP and Line of Business Applications – Organization needs additional hardware or has some that is near end of life – Is experiencing personnel turn over – Is struggling with focusing on core competencies


Maximize IT Return On Investment


Hosting with Argus will help stabilize and maximize your IT investment by applying professional, yet affordable, IT infrastructure services without having to constantly reinvest and retrain internal staff members. Argus can either augment your current staff or serve as a complete IT and information management organization. Internal IT staff typically embraces a hosted solution as it allows them more time to engage with employees and maximize the use of the software.


• Hosting eliminates the non-value add administrative tasks that an in-house IT department is typically burdened with, and allows the IT staff to work more strategically and to add more value to the organization.


• Application hosting services provides guaranteed application availability with access from anywhere you choose, lightening fast performance, world-class security, data redundancy, back-up and recovery, and a professional customer support organization to assist with any issues or questions that arise.


• In addition to the improved performance, availability and security, the hosting solutions eliminates the cost and burden of installing, maintaining, and upgrading servers.


• All that is needed is a connection to the internet and we do the rest.


Application Hosting Services from Argus and Partners provide benefits and choices…


What is a Managed Dedicated Server Environment and is it right for you?


This product offering can be both physical and or virtual servers. It has an element of dedicated and shared servers in the environment. Argus will typically set up and even manage Active Directory on the behalf of the customer and charge on a per users basis. The computing is spread over several servers based on what is required for the ERP Application. Most of what is hosted in this environment is delivered via a desktop, but can also be delivered through a browser. The Managed aspect of what we do is all of the monitoring, patching, versioning and maintenance of the hardware, network on your behalf.


What is a Fully Dedicated Managed Server Environment and is it right for you?


This product offering is all of a Managed Dedicated Server Environment, but there are no shared servers. The environment is built on the behalf of the end customers, fully dedicated for that customer. Argus will typically not set up AD other than loading operating systems, but will allow the customer to use AD tools to manage their own environment. This can be set up to bill on a per user basis or on a flat fee monthly basis. The Managed aspect of what we do is all of the monitoring, patching, versioning and maintenance of the hardware, network on your behalf.


Argus IT and Application Hosting Benefits


Hosting vs Premise


• 24/7 U.S. based technical support for quality customer service.


• Faster ROI on the Investment of software. Software is installed and stable.


• IT personnel can focus on the training of the end users for fast ROI of application software.


• Customer only needs a internet connection, MPLS or WAN to access applications and data.


• Leading edge network infrastructure, processes and connectivity solutions.


• Current versions of all operating systems, software packages and utilities.


• Highest availability and uptime


• Greatly reduced requirement for full time on staff IT support


• Reduces company needs to train their IT staff on operating systems training and specialize software.


• No reason to upgrade or purchase additional file server, RAM or HD’s


• No more hassles about connecting remotely to the office


• No more expensive down time due to inexperience, sick days, vacations or administrative errors.


• Greatly reduced investment in expensive equipment upgrades


• E-mail is available upon request for all system users.


• Addition of users is simple – can be installed and running quickly.


• Moves, Adds Changes and Deletes (MACDs) included in monthly service fees. Software Upgrades and Patches


• 100% backup integrity of all company information


• Secure storage of all confidential company information


• No more concerns about maintaining and upgrading your mission critical applications.


• Perform routine Operating System patches as recommended.


• Maintain upgrade schedules by customer to assure minimal interruptions.


• Upgrade communication and security software routinely.


• SaaS versus on premise requires less time and money to deploy, and requires little internal tech. support.


• You don’t have to purchase, install and maintain sophisticated applications and hardware internally.


• By choosing to host, a company can focus the employees, company’s core competencies and business.


• Software licenses can be rented (SPLA) or managed to allow for the preservation of cash resources. Back Up Benefits and Schedules


• Databases are backed up once per day at night so users always have full use of the system.


• Daily backup of all customer data with quality assurance monitoring.


• Maintain a minimum of a 5 day rotation of customer’s backed up data.




Improved Data Security and Performance


• ISA Server with FE, and BE servers for intruder prevention and protection.


• Virus & SPAM protection


• Performance monitoring of all hosted servers & devices


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