Traverse TCO Calulator

Argus Total Cost of Ownership Comparison

This calculator lets you compare the total cost of ownership of on-premises hosting with that of Argus Cloud Hosting.

The Argus TCO Calculator displays a side-by-side, year-by-year comparison of the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining an on-premises server installation with Argus’s standard yearly hosting fees. In addition to the yearly comparisons, you can see how cumulative costs add up across the average five-year lifetime of a server.


Additionally, you can see what average costs make up the five-year Total Cost of Ownership figures for a locally hosted server installation. These include factors such as server hardware, SQL and other licensing costs, IT support, and more. The TCO Calculator also provides a direct comparison of the five-year costs of on-premises hosting compared to Argus and your potential savings by hosting with Argus.


To recalculate costs based on a different number of Traverse users, simply click on this icon in the top, left corner of the screen and select the number of users you would like to compare.